7 Ways to Extend the Life of Coils

7 Ways to Extend the Life of Coils

Do the coils in your tank burn out quickly and you can’t figure out why?

Have you heard other vapers say they get 1, 2 or even 3 weeks out of a single coil, but yours always burn out after a few days?

Find out what you could be doing wrong and how to extend the life of any coil with these 7 tried and true tips!


Every time you are about to change your coil, make sure to thoroughly clean your tank. Take it apart completely, rinse each piece with water, and dry it off completely before you begin to prime your new coil.


Use a cotton swab to clean inside the chimney of your tank (the little tube that connects from the coil to the mouthpiece) because any left-over juices or burnt liquid will hang out in there. If not, eventually you may get this gross, sticky, black build-up that you will taste no matter how many times you replace your coils.




I’m sure you’ve heard this before, if not a million times, but it’s still possible that you are priming your coils wrong. Surprisingly enough, this is one of the main issues I encounter when helping a customer troubleshoot a coil problem.


Thoroughly Saturate– put as much liquid into your coil as the cotton will hold. Depending on the size of the coil, this could take anywhere from about half a dropper to a full dropper of e-liquid. Make sure to start from inside the coil, tilting it at an angle so the liquid doesn’t just go straight through the bottom hole. Once you can see the cotton is completely saturated from the holes on the outside of the coil, it should be enough juice.


Fill Up– this is pretty obvious, but you want to make sure there is enough liquid in your tank to continue priming your coil, and so that the coil can pull liquid through the cotton once you start vaping on it. But you also want to make sure you leave a little room at the top (don’t fill it up completely to the brim) to help prevent leakage.


Wait– even though you’ve primed your coil properly and filled your tank with e-liquid, you should still wait about 3-5 minutes in case there is still some dry cotton in your coil.


Break In– before ramping up the wattage to get the biggest cloud, start at the lower end of what your coil recommends, or even lower. If you aren’t getting enough vapor, try closing up the air flow valve about halfway. After you’ve began vaping for a little while at the lower wattage and can confirm that the coil does not taste burnt, then crank it up to where you like it.




Typically, each tank will have multiple types of coils that will perform differently. You want to use a coil that gives you the amount of vapor you want, but also is compatible with the wattage range of your device. You may have to try a few different kinds out to find what works best for you, but a quick trip to your local vape shop can help you figure it out. Ask your vape shop expert what they think will work best for your tank/mod combo, or just buy a few different coils to test them out (most shops will let you buy individual coils, instead of a whole pack).


There are many factors that play into the right type of coil for your device to allow it to perform optimally, but to keep it simple – choose a coil with a wattage range that is compatible with your mod and don’t over-do it. If you choose a coil that has a wattage range of 30-60W, then make sure you vape your coil in that wattage range, and no higher. The moment you accidentally turn up your wattage too high, you run the risk of burning your coil.


PRO TIP: Choose a coil with a wattage range that is LOWER than the maximum wattage of your mod. Your device will perform better overall to help extend the life of your coil and battery. And, if your tank has a MESH coil option, try it! They have been very popular in the vape community since they tend to heat up more evenly, thus helping to prevent a coil from burning out before it should.




Closing up your airflow valve about halfway will help keep your coil primed throughout the life of the coil. When you always have your airflow valve wide open, the cotton can dry out because you could be vaping the liquid faster than the coil is pulling in more liquid. On the other hand, if you close up your airflow valve TOO much, your coil can burn out and cause other issues like flooding and leaking.


PRO TIP: Close up your airflow valve completely and give one or two pulls WITHOUT firing the mod, then adjust your airflow back to normal and proceed vaping. This is another priming technique you can use to help pull liquid into the coil, especially if you like your airflow wide open. Just be careful not to do this too much at one time, as it can cause flooding and leaking if you pull too much liquid in the coil.




You see that little horizontal line somewhere on your coil or near the bottom of your tank? That’s the minimum level of juice you should have in your tank. If your coil doesn’t have that, then aim for no less than ¼ to empty.

But, my motto for success is this: always try to keep your tank as full as possible, unless you are getting ready to change your coil!




If you’ve tried all these tips and your coils still tend to burn out super fast, it could very well be the juice your using. Sweeter juices tend to burn out coils faster than others, and some juices are just made with cheap ingredients. Try switching up your flavor and brand to see if it makes a difference. 


However, just because your juice is sweet, doesn’t mean it will burn the coil quickly. It's kind of trial and error here. I usually vape The One by The Beard Vape Co., and it’s the SWEETEST juice I’ve ever vaped. But by following these tips, the coils for my UWELL Crown 3 tank will easily last 1-2 weeks with regular use.



Tried a new juice brand and all these other tips, but there seems to be no hope left for preventing premature coil burn-out? I hate to be the one to say it, but maybe it’s time to upgrade. Vape technology is constantly improving, and new products are released just about every day. Try asking your local vape shop expert what their favorite tank is, and what coils last the longest. If you currently find yourself changing coils every 2-4 days, you could end up saving money by switching to a tank that has better quality, longer-lasting coils.


Lastly, with all of these tips in mind, please know that NOT changing your coil often enough or vaping on a burnt coil is NEVER recommended. A properly primed and care for coil & tank will last about a week on average but can vary depending on your usage. It is very possible to get 2-3 weeks out of a coil with regular use, but you should ALWAYS change your coil immediately after it starts tasting burnt, metallic, or otherwise unfavorable. These tips are recommended for vapers who have issues with their coils frequently burning out too fast. ALL tanks and coils perform differently however, and the life of your tank’s coil is never guaranteed and may not be consistent.